Spring questions YZF450 06/08

I got harder springs in my 06 that I think works very well for me. But Ia am going to puck put a new 08 next week, so I got a few questions.

1. Does the springs from 06 fit my 08?

2. Are they gone work the same good way on my 08 like they do on my 06? Or are ther some diffrents in Fork or shock(??) that are doing that it not works at all?

Sorry för my bad english.

First, my Swedish is far worse than your English.

Second, as far as I know, the springs will interchange.

The springs will interchange....BUT!!!!!!! You gotta watch the shock spring. What works perfectly on my 06 does not on the my 08. The fork springs were fine but I was using a 6.0 shock spring on my 06 which turned out to be to soft on my 08. The shock is different and so is the linkage...different leverage ratio. I had to go to a 6.3 and probably could use a 6.5. With a 6.3 it sets up pretty well with 102mm of race sag and 20mm of free sag. On my 06 with the 6.0 spring I have 102mm of race sag and exactly 1 inch of static sag.. So whatever size spring you are running on your 06, I would get the next size stiffer for your 08.

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