Kouba Interference with Tensioner

Now that I've installed my Kouba fuel screw tool, I notice that the carb can no longer be rotated to the right to allow removal of the top plate for access to the needle. The Kouba hits the cam chain tensioner. Can the Kouba be removed and reinstalled and still continue to hold firm, or will it get too loose from the wear and tear of removing and reinstalling it? Anybody come up with a way of dealing with this.....or are we going to have to completely remove the carb from now on every time we want to change or adjust the needle?

[ March 19, 2002: Message edited by: Tim in WA ]

I have removed my carb several times since installing the Kouba without problem. The trick is to unattach the throttle cables from the throttle tube, and then rotate the carb. It even makes getting the carb back in its position easier by lightly pulling on the throttle cables which guides the carb back into position.

I too thought about removing the Kouba for card removal. The main problem I see is that the Kouba is made of brass on the end, which means it's soft and won't take much to wallow it out and render it useless.

Bonzai :)

:) Like Yamakaze, I just remove the throttle housing, just for a needle clip change I dont even disconnect them from the tube, it is very quick and easy :D

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