07 YZ450 Top Clamp

Anyone know if my top clamp off my 450 will fit a 2006 YZ125? My buddy Flanker on this site managed to bend his adapters and we want to put my clamp on so he can ride tomorrow. I know some of the parts individually are different but I can't see any reason why the whole clamp wouldn't fit :confused: Thanks :confused:

Here's what I know, and whether the clamp fits or not depends on the spacing of the fork tubes apart from one another.

In '06, when they went to the new SSS fork and the alloy frame on the 450, the tubes were set 2mm farther apart than on the '04/'05. All the same wheels fit because the axle lugs were moved in 1mm each to compensate for it. If the YZ125 also got the same fork treatment, then the only other question is whether the clamp offset is the same, and I believe it is.

Try it. It doesn't take that long, and you'll know right away if it will work or not.

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