08 intake valve out of spec?

hey guys, i just checked my valves on my 08 i got a little over a month ago and the left intake is out of spec but not by much. im gonna shim it into spec monday, but i was just wondering if it is normal for them to go out of spec after break in? its not hard to start or anything like that, i just checked them out of curiousty. all the rest of the intake and exhaust are fine. also, when i got to put in the new shim, is there anything i need to look out for? i did this a couple of times on my 02 yz250f, just wondering if there is anything different i need to watch when adjusting them on the 08. thanks. cheers. :confused:

i checked my 07 when i first got it. and the clearence are on the tight side of spec. i was worried, it starts fine.

according to gray it's yamaha's practice to shim on the tight side. so i left it.

still starts in three kicks from cold. 50 hrs later

yah,I do think that the valves are on the tight side you you first get them. i still had to shimm mine at less than 10 hours on a 2007

thanks guys. i didnt know what to think. man this thing is real tight to work on. :confused:

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