XR650R HRC Power up Kit?

I was looking at the power up kit from XR's only, and was wondering if anyone has installed the 11:1 or 12:1 comp piston with a cam?

and what else does the kit include besides piston and cam?

my 650R engine is stock with simple intake and exhuast uncorking mods, and im looking to launch the power, and possible race it.

I dont wanta give up reliability, so how have they held up for you guys that have them? XR's only says run race gas only in 11:1 and higher...but they also say 93 octane for the stock 650R, and it runs great on 87 so can you use regular 93 octane pump gas?

Anybody have the kit with a big bore?

The HRC kit is a good way to go and is top shelf gear,but it is way expensive.

Most guys go the Hot cams kit,i did and have had no worries.

I got higher comp by decking the head 8.2 thou for a comp of 10.8 to one so i can use regular gas if i have to.

Head is also ported,stock headers and an aftermarket can.

Pull from the bottom end is way cool.

I run the stock carb as i have it figuered out and pumper carbs are exy.

It will get headers and a carb sooner or later but it probably doesn't need it.

The HRC stuff is a complete kit it's set and forget ,if you have the money do it.

ok well it doesnt look like a lota guys are doing this, so would it be a better choice to start with airbox removal? Who makes an air filter that fits right onto the Carb? UNI? Also having an open air filter what kinda pilot and main jets would i use...

Open up the side panel,get an aftermarket air filter,an aftermarket exhaust system and if you need more go the HRC kit.

Has your suspension been revalved for your weight?

its got a uni filter already, xr's only airbox screen, xr's only carb booty..

stock suspension

You live in connecticut and you want to go faster? Didn't think there was enough room between them trees to go fast! :confused:

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