fork oil

hey guys,

im goin to do my fork seals on my yz425 02, i was just wondering how much oil is needed per fork.. i hav been told 550ml - 575ml per fork?? is this the right amount and if its not can any1 help, id like to do it the right way..

any help is appreciated...


dean.. :confused: :confused:

sounds about right, in any case you will be buying two 1000ml bottles. go with 5W. download the manual. search the forum for a link.

yeah thanks heaps... i red in my oweners manual thats i has got to be 130mm from the top of the shocker, i told the guy who was goin to do them for me and he said he knw what it was....

soo im all sweett....

thanks for the advice boys cheers!!

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