Afraid to buy 2002 426F

I am new to the board. I have read several posts about potential changes to the 426F for 03. I know some are just rumors. However, if they make the bike a 450 and put and electric start on it. Would that destroy the value of 02's for resale? I wasn't looking at the bikes when it changed from a 400 to a 426, what happened to the value of the 400's? The other evidence I have seen of slowing demand for 426's is the fact that all of my local dealers will give me at least 10% off MSRP, about $5600 for an 02. I want to buy the bike but don't want to make a huge mistake.

Dirt bike resale is not a reason to buy a new bike. Expect it to lose 10-20% or more of it's value over a couple of years. Buy a used 2001 or 2002, you can really negotiate right now. Or wait for the new 450.....

Dirt bikes are not bought as investments, they are in essence a toy. I understand wanting to get the most out of it on re-sale, but that is mainly achieved through good upkeep and maintainence. Bikes will always be evolving, your going to be doing alot of waiting around, and no riding, if your going to keep waiting for the next new improvement :) .

My $.02,

Dodger :D


Trust me, you'll be happy. All this 450 electric start next generation blah blah blah is just that. Everyone has to talk about something.

Ever buy a computer?? Its like that. The salesman will try to push you into the latest and greatest regardless of what you want or really need. Hype hype hype...

If your buying bragging rights, then whatever. I'd say stop drooling over them (like I was) and buy something. I've got one of those "old" 400's that isn't even a real model anymore. What do I think about that??? Nothing, this bike still scares the sh*t outta me. How do you complain about something that wheelies in all 5 gears, runs pump gas, and can be started with boat shoes on???

Be afraid, but not of the purchase. Just climb on board and say BRRRAAAAAAAAAPPP!!!!

You could of already been there done that by now...


Take a drive across the boarder to Canada. Get a Canadian version of the WR 426, not much needs to be done to it. They retail for around $7,800cdn, I've seen low 7's what that in US dollars about a buck fifty LOL

Thank you for all your suggestions. I found a great deal on the bike and I have order it.

You'll be glad you did heavy, I've had mine about three weeks now and I think it's awesome. :)


If they put electric start (and a HEAVY battery) on it in '03...I'll eat my hat!!

Look at it this way, if they do come out with some new stuff, weight reductions, etc. you're going to pay full retail if not more for the first few bikes to roll out...just like the CRF. By then you're another year down the road without a new bike and probably $800 more out of pocket.

The bike is honestly VERY fast as it is, so a few more cc's aren't going to do it for me. Perhaps a honest 20 lb. weight reduction. I was from the electric start camp too, until I got my WR and it starts problems.

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