tire size conversions

so my 1987 xr 600 badly needs a rear tire, however, its a 17 inch rim with a limited selction. The measurement on the existing tire is 110/100 however, ive seen other measurements such as 4.60 and such. What is the difference of these measurement and how can i convert them? I am looking for a good offroad tire designed for hard surface conditions the widest possible tire i can get. Thanks for any input.


I used to own an XR with the dreaded 17 inch rim. There really are not too many options. This is what I came down to.

For hard terrain get the Bridgestone M22/M23. It is a hard terrain tire but it actually works pretty well in intermediate terrain. It is only OK in the soft stuff. Comes in a 5.10x17. Fits great and is wide.

The tire that I liked best for all around use is the IRC VE33. It works almost as good as the Bridgestone on the hard stuff, but is much better in the soft stuff. Available in both 4.60x17 and 5.10x17.

thanks for the reply, exactly what i was looking for!

quick question, i saw it on dennis kirk the size is 5.30, not 5.10, will that still fit properly?

disregard that previous post, i cant read sizes properly....

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