Honda parts people need more (any?) training

jets daves mod with dynojet kit yes or no?


if i were to start over on a new xr650L, i would go daves mods. i had real good luck with the dynojet kit once i drilled the slide. it had a bit of a hesitation with just the djet kit. the reason i would do this?? 1-2 dollars vs. 60-80 bucks for the djet kit.

for me that doesnt matter anymore because i use a fcr 41 pumper now and don't look back!

LOL, an update to this thread...

I finally got around to putting my slow jet in today after work.

They gave me the wrong one! Jeeze.

I called a shop I used to go to and although they don't sell the jets, the guy told me there are 3 different pilot jet versions over the years on the XLR.

Is this true? He said the threads are in different places up the jet.

Well, thats it. I'm ordering online.

I'm not even taking my bike to the dealer for the "complimentary" first service!

I'm just glad I have experience wrenchin and the tools I need to fix everything myself (with some tech help from this board :confused: ).

If I do need some special tool, like for re stacking the gears in the tranny, I'll buy the dang thing. Not to offend anyone on the board whos in the bussiness, just in my area... I've had really bad luck.

XLR? If this is not a typo, more reason not to do business with this shop as well! Most service of a newer bike is basic, and can be done by those who can read a manual and turn a wrench. :confused:

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