Venting for deep water

I have a PR Racing vent kit, and want to know if anyone has put one on their WR. There are 4 "T's" in the kit, which tubes need them? Thanks, Ron S.

Hey Ron, in general terms you T into the vent hoses that dangle down to under the engine. With luck, there's 4 or less of them. There's 4 on the YZ. Someone told me to further add orifices to the lower tips for those really long water crossings, to slow down the tube filling that will eventually occur.

In case you haven't already seen so, get your crankcase breather tube looked after too re sucking up water or mud. I'd say to also put a small foam filter over it's end to keep out dust accumulation, too. (Unless on the WR it already goes into the airbox or some emission gizmo?)

Techman, The 4 hoses that come off the carb actually come out of 2 breathers on either side of the carb that "T". It seems strange to have to put 4 "T's" into these two breather outputs. 2 hoses from the bottom of the cap go down to the swingarm, and the other 2 come off the top of the cap, loop over the top of the carb, and go to the swing arm. It probably isn't this complicated, but, I don't want to do it wrong and screw something up. Also where is my crank case breather located? Thanks for the help. Ron S.

Originally posted by Ron S.:

Also where is my crank case breather located?

The bigger of two hoses coming from the head cover is your crankcase breather.

A typical Yamaha problem is that when the carb breathers get submerged then the engine stops. If you ride through deep water (ie river crossings)then direct two of the vent hose up to the top of the air box or under the tank. No more stalling when you least want it.

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