HELP!!! XR650R Cylinder Head Torque???

I'm replacing the piston on my 650R when I'm in the middle of tightening the head down. BTW - I did a search and I DO have the factory manual. Anyway, the manual says torque the 4 head bolts down to 49lbs using a criss cross pattern. I'm at 35lbs right now and it feels really weird like it's about to strip the threads or just snap off. 49lbs sounds way too high. My 450 has the same size studs and nuts and it only gets torqued to 43lbs. Is the manual wrong? I know there was a mis-print on the torque settings for the frame oil drain. Is there one for the head?:confused:

Update - I crossed my fingers and I'm at 43lbs. Think this will work? I've broken many bolts so I know what it feels like right before they break. I use a torque wrench for everything now. It's a 10mm nut which is usually only recommended to be torqued at around 25lbs. I'm considering just running it there (at 43lbs).

I stopped around 40, like you I thought things weren't feeling right. No probs so far.

I do believe honda recomends replacing them when the head is removed.(I seldom do i'm too cheap) but I did a honda rebuild not long ago that most of the studs snapped before they were properly tight . Most head bolts are high tension and pre-streched.

Thanks for the replies. I'm staying at 43lbs and hoping they don't snap. I don't see anything in the manual about replacing the studs although I've heard this from someone else too.

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