Please review/criticize planned mods...

OK...After many online searches I'm planning on these mods for my new 07 YZ450F...Let me know if there's anything I'm doing that you'd recommend not doing, or doing differently...

1. ASV levers (already on)

2. WB Alum Pro2 (already on)

3. 48/168 jets (in hopes to solve excessive decel popping)

4. Zip-Ty carb mod (to get the carb working optimally)

5. 50T sprocket (I'll never use this bikes top speed, and most often ride at LEMX, with trips to dunes/trails about 1-2 times per month...Please recommend brand)

6. O-ring chain (planning on Regina due to wise greyracer's opinion, but would like to know what you'd go with)...Maybe even a sprocket/chain combo pack?

That's all for now...But here's some more info in case you have other recomendations...I'm 6'2" about 185lbs...Pretty happy with the suspension and bar/seat height, but curious about suspension settings, springs, bar risers or taller bars, taller seat, etc...Haven't riden a bike with those mods, so I'm curious what I may be missing without even realizing it...Hell, I thought my 97 KX250 handled great until I rode this bike (granted I've riden a lot of other friends' newer bikes, but never really put them to the test in fear of laying down a buddy's bike)...But now I don't think I'll ever ride the KX again!

Thanks in advance for your time/opinions,



# 1-4 are all very good choices def stick with the ASV and WB pipe. both very good products. #5 I would recomend the new Sprockets from Pro Taper they are very good. chain im not real sure im somebody like GA or grayracer will help.

What track are you riding at Elsinore? I think stock gearing works well on all of them. If you are close to Elsinore, try DMP motorsports. They support a lot of local amature and pro riders (cheaper than Tokyo mods or Zip-Tye). They fixed the accelerator pump and jetted my bike and it runs much nicer than stock. I wouldn't change your gearing until you get your jetting fixed. With a properly tuned carb you should have plenty of pull for all the Elsinore tracks with stock gearing.

All looke good to me, you'll love the Zip Ty mod.

BBrown, I'm almost always on the Vet track at Elsinore, and sometimes the rhino track (the old vet/beginner track) when there are no rhinos on it...I stay away from the main track due to reconstructive spine surgery a few years back (L5-S1 disc removal/spinal fusion)...Can't take the impact on jumps I don't clear (even with the yz's plush suspension)...I admit, I mainly wanted to go to a 50T rear sprocket because of my buddy bragging about how much bottom end pull his new CR has (but I think the mods I do above will end that discussion, hehe)...But you're right, I should prob stick to stock 'til after the carb mods...

Stock gearing for all of the SoCal tracks and a standard non O-ring chain.

looks good. Chain is a matter of opinion. I am a supporter of high quality non oring chain such as DID ERT2 and I only use Stainless Steel sprockets from Ironman as they last the longest. Gearing is dependent on tracks. I use a 49 and a 50 tooth on my 06. The 50tooth works very well on big tracks for me. :confused:

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