Edelbrock in OZ

Hi all,

Bit the bullet and bought one of these jiggers, very impressed all round:

Denise at Barnums is very helpfull and replies quickly to emails.

Ordered the unit 7 Sep received 29 Sep.

Payed with CC via Paypal - very cool system.

USPS have a neat tracking system.

Carby is a quality product, fiited without reverting to alcohol.

The carby setting was too rich to start with at 12 clicks on the adjuster but quickly sorted it - about 18-20 clicks I think. Did a big ride yesterday and noted the following:

More mid range power - easier to hold wheelies, just works better all round

Has all but fixed the throttle "stiction/suction" that made mine hellish to ride on the road - had to clutch when transitioning mid corner to counter the snatch.

More economical.

I do have one concern, there is no choke/enricher system, is this going to be a problem cold starting in the winter?



nope - well below freezing just acouple of pumps and you start right up - if it is really cold, setting the idle up a bit helps - best mod you can make to the 600 and the 650


Yep the Barnums are great to deal with.

I got mine the other day too and had to take it to 9 from full rich! (fmf full system, open airbox) The idle had a hanging lean condition at 12. Anywho's, this is my 3rd Edel QS (2 on 650R's, 1 on 650L) and I just love 'em!

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