Shortening Stock Muffler

I have this done to mine, 01 426.. I bought my bike used. He had cut off 2" and repacked it. Yes it is louder, but the previous owner even stated to keep it freshly packed?? The cut looks good (not rigid, rough) and the rivets look normal.

Well no one complains of the noise, (chatsworth mostly-sandy) I havent repacked it (one summer of riding) and it would be interesting to have it measured. I cant tell you if I have lost any power. Honestly, it runs / pulls strong (used to rm250). If I am able to accelerate on a straight - I have to concentrate to keep the front down, so I dont think it has effected the performance much if at all.:confused:

I wish I could cut the whole thing off just to lighten the bike :confused:

I purchased an stock muffler with a PMB end cap on ebay for $45 shipped :confused:

Since all I was interested in was the PMB end cap I decided to cut 1.5" off a stock ebay muffler. I did this for cosmetic reasons only. It really was not very difficult and I think it looked a little better (more compact) on the bike. While I did not notice any power loss, it did make it louder.

I ended up putting the stock length muffler back on with the PMB cap.

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