Factory Defect on '08 or rammy assembler !!

People I just took out my 08 for break in and adjust bars etc and noticed that my front Rotor came with the slightest dent or bend to it. It is enough that the caliper moves or floats/follows the bend and is actually wearing my pads slightly unevenly. I noticed while spinning the front tire while on the stand. I am having trouble finding any part numbers for it, can anyone help me out ? Thanks in advance.


Why not let the dealer take care of it.

If not you can call dealer and they will not need part number to look it up for you, or they will give you the number.

I think it is also in the owners manual

If you just got the bike I'm sure the problem can be taken care of under your 30 day warranty. See what your dealer has to say. I'm sure it's just an unfortunate defect, good luck though.

Because the dealer is an hour and a half away from where I reside and I just wanted to order it myself to get it quicker, I dont like to rely on stealerships.. I am just waiting for them to say it must have happened when i delivered it home.

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