Whats Wrong With My 06 WR450

Well heres the thing.I just sold my 1998 WR400 and bought a nice 06 Wr450.The 400 would do 3rd gear willies so I know the 450 should at least be able to bring the front wheel up in 4th gear and maybe even 5th gear.butt nope I can't really notice a real big difference in power I know that can't be right.Yes I did all of the mods & installed a new FMF powercore T1 pipe too.The only thing I have not done yet is remove the AIS system should i do this and will it make a difference?A bike shop did the jetting for me and said it was some kind of race set up or somthing like that.I feel that I can trust them they seem to know whats going on.Butt then again I could be wrong .Help Please:banghead: :confused: :confused:

I know you said you did all of the free mods, I just want to make sure you fixed the throttle stop?:confused:

Removing the AIS will not affect wheelie ability.

you modified/replaced the throttle stop on the carb?

what about gearing, same gear as the 400, but are you going 10 or 20 mph faster? if so maybe thats part of it.

or you might just know how to bounce the 400 suspension just right with the thottle and don't have it down on the 450 yet. mine wheelies with ease in 3rd and sometimes 4th with a bit of motivation

Yep did the throttle cable mod too.Whats the advantage of removing the AIS?

Yep did the throttle cable mod too.Whats the advantage of removing the AIS?


Mine will stand it up in 4th if the traction is there, and the engine isn't even in that high state of tune (throttle stop, gray wire, pmb insert, jetting, open airbox).

Try sitting on the rear fender. That will make the front weigh less and give the rear tire more traction...but you shouldn't need to do that :confused:

Throttle cable mod? What's that?

It sounds like you have two issues. First, your bike may not be jetted correctly, despite what the shop mechanic told you. From his statement regarding "some kind of race setup", his judgement is suspect. Second, you're expecting too much out of a totally different bike than the 400. Just because it has 50 more cc's, doesn't mean it's going to be that much more of a beast. As the WR has progressed, the power curve has become more linear in both torque and bHP. They don't have as hard a hit as they used to because what wins races is traction, not wheelies. If you want wheelies, drop down a tooth on the drive sprocket and doublecheck your jetting against the database. I can't do third gear wheelies on mine without a little clutch, but then again I weigh 225 and live at 5000' asl...SC

Sounds like jetting to me, my '04 450 with a jd jetting kit and FMF exhaust will wheely in 4th off the throttle and 5th it you have a slight bump to bounce the front off - before I jetted it the bike would struggle to pop the front up in 3rd.............And thats with standard gearing, 14/50.

The bike is much more responsive than my old 426, but I never played with the jetting on that as it seemed to run very well.


The 450s aren't that much faster than the 400s. As Clark said, the power delivery is smoothed out considerable. My well tunned 400 stays with my friend's 450 up to 80mph, but his is easier to ride on the trail.

what gearing are you running? if you have a 15/45 combo you arent going to be doing 5th gear wheelies with a twist of the throttle! now it you got a 14/50 then i would say something isnt right

I am running stock gears.I just figured that it would do more.I was riding with a guy in the mountains and he pulled his up going at least 50-60 mph.Thats when i still had my 400.Anyways the whole jetting thing make me a little nervous There is so much talk about it I don't have a glue where to start with it.Thanks guys:worthy:

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