Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir

I recently developed a leak on the bottom of my 02 426s rear brake fluid reservoir tank and was wandering if there is a company who makes alluminim reservoirs to get rid of the stock plastic one. The leak is coming from the threads where the screw comes through the bottom.

I don't know about that, but you can replace the old style master cylinder with an '03-'05 type. You will need to cut off the lug the holds your current reservoir to the subframe, and you'll have to partly unbolt the MC to fill it, but it is otherwise perfect for this. I did one on my '01 250F, using a MC I got on eBay for $40.

Me Too. I paid about 15 bucks for mine, also on e-bay. Way cheaper than even the stock 426 reservoir, and a much cleaner set up.

Awesome. Thanks

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