2001 426 leak

i just bought my first bike it's a 2001 yz426f. i bought it used and i noticed that when i ride it and shut it off it seems to leak out of what appears to be a radiator overflow hose. is this normal or something that i should be concerned about?

If you fill the radiator to the top before you ride, then a small amount will come out as the bike heats up, that's normal. But after a ride or two, assuming you're not topping it off, I would not expect any more to come out unless you get it to boil. Bubbling in the radiator and constant loss of coolant is a symptom of a leaking head gasget, but if this were the cause then I would expect it to be spewing coolant even when the motor is relatively cool. If it is boiling over often then make sure your radiator cap is good and that it keeps enough pressure.

The overflow hose is clear and the breather tube is black. If the black one has liquid coming out it is most likely oil.

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