WR Clutch in a YZ

Hello Guys,

Is this possible to put a WR clutch into a YZ, in particular the 2007 Models. My reason is cause i use my YZ for tight trail riding and the YZ clutch just fades away when it gets hot, it comes back when the bike cools down again.

Are the WR and YZ clutches different (ie stiffer springs ect) has anyone done this mod and any feed back?

Thanks :confused:

Are the WR and YZ clutches different ?


Buy either the GYT-R plate kit, or a set of Hinson clutch plates.

the YZ is a more aggresive bike, so on technical single track you will have to clutch more often, which will generate heat....basically, the bike is working harder. the WR is more tame and smooth power so it requires less clutching.

try changing your gearing on the YZ, i went 2 teeth bigger on the back sprocket and that really helped. also, a flywheel weight helps smooth out the power for offroad too.

Gearing is a huge element of the contrast between the two bikes with regard to clutch performance on the trails. The WR low gear is just over 20% lower. Add to that, the power and flywheel weight just mentioned, and it makes a lot of difference.

But the plate kits I pointed out will improve the clutch's performance versus heat.

Thanks for the advise guys. Gray why do the WR's have a much stiffer pull than the YZ's is it just the springs or something?

Could be the cable routing. Because of where the starter sits, the cable has to be run like the '03 YZF, over the top and down behind the engine, with a hard 90 at the end.

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