YZ 450 on trail?

I am trying to find out how the YZ 450F does on technical singletrack in mountains. I’ve read that the new 08 motor is very smooth, what about suspension? Can it do both track and trail without too much switching?


Nobody trail rides YZ 450F?

Ya, I do, and love it. I went up 2 teeth in the back, put on a 9oz GYTR flywheel, 3.1 IMS tank, PMB end cap. I think some people on here do both with them with out a bunch of change over.

It just depends on how you ride it!

I have a YZ 400 and it does just fine in the trails and at the track,

what makes the difference is the way the bike is geared (such as the difference between a WR and a YZ)

the yz's tend to be geared a bit higher for motocross use (stock anywas), and therefore are a little harder to ride a very slow speed. because they dont have that nice low first gear to drop into if you get slowed down.

For suspension, it just depends on the way you set it.

if you know you are going to be doing some single track ridding, set it a little softer.

if you know your going to be at a track, set it a little stiffer.

oh and my bike is geared bone stock, but i love the way it is and would never change it.

same with the suspension, i just tweak it here and there depending on what im ridding on.

It just depends on the way you ride.

Nobody trail rides YZ 450F?

I trail ride mine. I put a 54 on the back, an IMS 3.1 tank, an 18" rear wheel with a M5B, brush guards, tall seat, PMB sparky, skid plate and Scotts steering stablizer. This thing is great in the tight twisty stuff and the hill climbs.

For the high speed stuff I leave the gearing stock.

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