XR600 hot starting

How do you start these beasts when they are hot? I had to resort to bump starting it to get it to go. It runs fine otherwise, just seems to not want to start hot. Sure wish it had the hot start like my RMZ.

kick it over several times with the comp. release pulled in and full throttle. then normal procedure.

Thanks... I'll definitely give it a try next time I go out.

Perhaps something is not right with your carb or engine. My XR600 is usually a one kick starter when warm or hot. When my stator went out the first sign was difficulty with hot starts. It was progressive. It was not long before I could not start it with the kick starter.

Check the valve clearance as well.

Hot start is done via the XR "dance". Pull compression release lever, open throttle full, depress kick start lever with foot exactly five times (no more, no less), release the compression release. Kick once with ZERO throttle. If it doesn't start, repeat the open throttle with compression release and five kicks. The XR "dance" always works for me, and I raced my now plated 94 XR600R in the desert for years.

Too rich on the float level can make these beast hard to start when hot. And do a cylinder leak down test, but like it says above first check valve clearance.

+1 on Trogdors method. Mine fires hot everytime using this method

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