nothing stops the "copper top" by Duracell LOL

Come on guys.....your not saying that a WR has NEVER had a problem starting are you?

I love the new Cannondale's. You know what's really sad? I think it's sad when a big company like Honda (a brand known for quality and reliability) introduces a new bike to market with quite a few problems and nobody says anything about it, and if they do it's the same ole' "they'll work it out". But god forbid a new company comes along with a state of the art machine with ALL of the trick stuff on it and it they also have some minor problems with them and everyone is down on them, I don't get it.

Do you know what the guys on the Dale side are talking about? Holes in side panels so they can lift their bikes up better or what new colors their bikes should be. Yes they have problems too. Meanwhile other owners of other bikes are talking about bigger problems on their boards with major engine problems and problems dealing with their respective manufactures and dealers and how they don't stand behind their product. Cannondale is standing behind thier product. They are moving fast. They do listen to owners and I think it's great. I personaly think that most people thought that they would just go away but (I did) but it looks like they're gonna make it.

That story is still pretty funny at Glamis though. I can just see it now.

It looks as though next year the WR's will be electric start so I chalk up this lesson and remember to charge the battery befor I ride. That is if I don't have a C440.

Peace DL :)


[ March 19, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lorenze ]

Actually I think the Cannondale's are still awesome...and I know that they will work the bugs out..I just thought the story was funny. I actually was bummed it wouldnt run...I was looking forward to riding it. I did get to ride the CRF 450, which I did enjoy.

Went to Glamis last weekend...Got there late fri night and a guy at the campfire was telling me how much more advanced his Cannondale was than my 02' WR 426. He said he would run circles around me..well, the next morning we all suited up and took off. About a 1/2 mile into the dunes I realize everyone is not behind me. I double back to see the Cannondale on the ground and the guy throwing his helmet at the bike...he said the battery was dead...I told him to contact Duracell...

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