Making my YZF Street Legal


what would i need to do to make my YZF 450 '06 street legal.

already got the supermoto wheels, which WR's stator assembly should i use to get power for the lights, etc

dont worry about speedo :confused: :confused: :confused:

thanks in advanced


Check with the Namibian DMV.

There was a company that sold a complete kit to do that but the name escapes me right now. Actually I was thinking about doing that to mine one day. Some states laws on this are no as rigid as others. Alabama does not require to much.

A search here on T.T. will get you far!!

i beleive baja designs has a kit availible

not for the 06 and newer they don't

Can Someone Tell Me Which Wr's Stator And Flywheel And Cover Will Fit On The 06 Yz 450?????

The stuff from the '07 will fit IF you use an '07 WR crank.

I think that baja designs does have a kit for any kick start model. There website isnt very clear

Not for the '06+ that I know of.

Stopped by Baja designs today and asked them.They do not have a kit for the 06 as it is a completly redsign.

Nambia you will need a horn (use 9v battery type) indicators, speedo, stop, tail numberplate light Head and park light.

Speak to the local licensing dept.

The 05 and before kit they wanted 2 arms and a leg.($1000.00) ouch.

ex south african

The 05 and before kit they wanted 2 arms and a leg.($1000.00) ouch.

For that kind of money you probably could put '07 WR stuff on the bike.

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