Surf Blocked

Ever since TTalk came back, I have been unable to read posts at work. And since I get on TTalk 95% of the time at work I need to know why it is all of sudden Surf Blocked.

I can get to the main WR400 page throught the old address in my favories and I can click on "Discussion" and it takes me to main discussion page but when I click on any post or try to post a new one it becomes blocked. Any thoughts?

Dougie, Read Yamakazee's post re: xxx rated!

seems our new ip address is notorious!

Same thing has happened to me :)

Should be fixed if they use Websense. I wrote to them yesterday. Here's their reply.

Mr. Hamilton,

Thank you for writing to Websense.

The site you submitted has been reviewed and we have found that it recently acquired a new IP address. The change has already been modified in our master database so that it will be correctly filtered under Sports and will be available for filtering in the next database published.

You may want to contact your organization's Websense administrator and request that this URL be added to their custom permit list so as to avoid this type of event in the future.

Thank you for your feedback,

The Websense Database Operations Staff

The problem is that there are hundreds of different filtering programs utilized by private ISP's and individual companies. The problem may be resolved by your ISP but that leaves everyone else out in the cold. It's the IP address which has been blocked because of the content it once carried. The only complete fix for this situation is to have a new IP address assigned to the TT server that has not been used to carry this type of media from the ISP's current DHCP Scope of addresses. It has been suggested that when DNS updates things will return to normal, but if the current IP stands as is, it was blocked and will remain blocked unless released by individual ISP's and IT Department security teams.

Bonzai :)

Ditto here guys. As of Monday the 18th I cannot

access at work. Internet Security violation!!

Now I am trapped in firewall HELL!

Maybe they misunderstood when you signed up and thought you said "Humper Talk". :)

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