Calling all XRL guru's

Hey Guy's,I found a CRF450 front wheel.I know the wheel is different.What I need to know is can I put my XR650L wheel bearings in the CRF450 wheel to make it work?

Come on, someone's got to know!

I think that you can forget it.

450X uses a 6904 bearing that is 20mm x 37mm x 9mm

650L uses a 6003 bearing that is 17mm x 35mm x 10mm

You would need to find a bearing that has a 17mm ID and a 37mm OD. Don't think you are going to find it. Not 100% sure if a 10mm wide one would work or if you would need to find a 9mm wide one.

Just buy the front forks and the wheel will fit i GUARANTEE that LOL make an awesome front upgrade too!!

Thanks Guy's for your help!I guess I'll let this one get away

It wouldn't be that much work if you really wanted to do it. There are two options:

-Call a bearing company like Motion Industries and ask them if they have a bearing that matches the required parameters

-If not, have a machinest build you a sleeve to increase the effective ID of your axle

After that you may need to do some work building spacers to center your wheel and a bracket to relocate your caliper, but I'm not certain about that.

just try to find cr forks with the wheel and brakes. then you can find the rest that you will need at emigracing.

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