number plate compatibility w/wr450

Hey there,

I am borrowing a friends 2005 WR450 for a 24 hour race (team, not Ironman) and am trying to find out if number plates from a 2004 YZ250F will fit.

Reason is my team is ordering pre-printed graphics and do not want to remove my friends custom graphics to put mine on. I already have an extra set of plastic so might as well try to use my extra set.

I posted the same thread on yz/wr 250 forum as well to see what info comes up.

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!


I have a 2005 Wr 450 and ended up putting a 250 numbe plate on it. I made a small bracket out of aluminum and mounted it to the bottom triple clamp, Then I drilled boles thru the bottom tabs on the number plate and bolted the number plate to the bracket. It took about 45 minutes and a couple bucks in parts.

whoops...I meant side number panels....dang, my bad

I believe the side panels are completely different due to the difference between the YZ and WR air boxes.


YZ450 side panels will work, but they have to be modified a bit to work. Also, the airbox access is no longer quick access. Now that's for 450 panels...I'm not sure about the 250. I'd do some comparisons with the aftermarket sources to see if they match up. If you get the same part number for both the 250 and 450 YZ's, then you're in business. A few guys have swapped over full YZ plastics on their WR's to get the color they wanted. There are a few threads out there that have the details regarding the needed modifications...SC

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