XR650L: can you lower the pegs?

I'm looking at some dual sports, to see what fits/runs best for me, and the XRL seems to have it's pegs up quite high. Is there a fix for this? I see the left one is on a welded bracket...........

the pegs arent that high, have you sat on the bike and felt them or just looked? Im 6'2" and i wouldnt want to lower the pegs at all. But i dont think your gonna be moving them much, havent ever heard of pegs that mount to stock location and are lower than stock.

they fit my 6'5" frame pretty well too. if you are a welder i'm sure you could fab. a couple drop brackets maybe.

You'd need some heavy metal to fashion good drop brackets.

My suggestion would be to build/buy cruiser pegs. I simply found some 1" square tubing, cut it to length, drilled two holes near each end, and removed my rear pegs from their brackets and put them out in front of the motor.

With my corbin seat and spitfire windshield I can do 1000kms/day with relative ease. It's just so nice to be able to switch up your seating position...:confused:

I know the feeling Krannie, after coming off many off-road bikes I Immediately noticed the foot pegs to bars difference ..the layout is quite different from alot of other bikes and it took a while to get used to it .. One thing you might consider is instead of lowering the pegs is just get taller bars.. I too am 6' + and it helps reduce that hunched over feeling when standing.

taller bars/risers are a MUST.

No, I mean the pegs are higher: 1.25" higher in relation to the bottom of the frame than on my CRF450. They are high! My knees feel like they are in my chest.

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