has anyone tried the storm mx suspension linkage on the 06-07 yz450f

I noticed in a catalog today that storm cycle makes a mx linkage for the 06 yz450.Just to clarify things I'm not talking about their lowering linkage I'm talking about their mx likage.The linkage that is suppose to improve steering.I got on the internet and checked their website and did not see anything for the 06-07 yz.I called and spoke with a women at storm that said they do make a mx linkage for the 06 yz450.she isnt sure if it will work on an 07 though.She said it would it change the head angle of the bike by 2 degrees.Seems like alot.I'm wondering if she meant 2mm difference in trail.Any way I'm going to call back tomorrow and see if theres someone more informative I can talk to before I buy one.For 129.00 compared to the price of triple clamps this might be a cheaper fix to the steering problem on the 06-07 yz450.

wow. keep me informed.. i might get one.

She said it would it change the head angle of the bike by 2 degrees.Seems like alot.
It is a lot. to increase the head angle by that amount, you'd need to raise the rear of the bike two inches.

It should be noted that increasing the head angle decrease trail, and that these two facets of steering geometry have different effects on steering when altered.

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