Sky-man 'flying' his F-15 Strike Eagle

Here is a bit of a chest-Thumper: My oldest boy Skyler (the Sky-Man) is 7 in this shot from last July. He really likes TT and wishes there were such a site for mini-riders. I can't find one, so I hope ya'll don't mind if I let him say "HI" :

hey! this is Sky-man I'm just starting my fourth season of MX. I'm the F-15 Strike Eagle on a black King Cobra 50cc. I also race a KX 65. I'm going to be the District 22 champion this year. I really like beating my Dad!! He says the hole wide world will read this. Cool!!! :D:)

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I hope this works, I have no idea what I'm doing...trying to post a photo?

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Dad blew it!! Sky's happy to have said 'hi',though. Maybe someone can tell me how to get it right? :)

Hey Sky,

The whole world did see your post! Now the whole world will be waiting to see you as the champ you aim to be.. No presure!!


Hi Chaindrive & son.

Yepp, the whole world did see Sky-mans post - me for instance and i live i Stockholm, Sweden. And I am quite sure someone in Oz read it too.

The magic of the Internet - breathtaking.


Thanks tons for the replies! Another TT member was kind enough to inform me of a mini-rider site at (thanks Yamaha Dude)via p.m.

I would like to mention that Sky wasn't being boastful about his determination to win D22.(after 1 race,he is in 2nd place and all the more determined,though it will be very tough,and far be it from me to ask him to lower his sights). He has worked very hard and sacrificed much for his goal and I have encouraged him. I have also taught him that to BE a Champion he must first and foremost Believe in Himself in addition to Acting like a champion. Do these things,and you ARE a champion no matter who wins the race. We are very fortunate here in D22 to have some local-rider-heroes that truly take the time and effort to demonstrate these qualities to our young riders. What a great family sport! :)

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