Trailtech Vapor mounted in Pro-Taper pad??

Not sure where to post this, but seeing as how I want to put it on my 426, here goes.

Last weekend I saw a CRF450 with an Endurance computer. What was cool was that is was mounted within a pro-taper style pad, with a clear plastic cover. ( the pad was just clear where the computer was mounted within)

It looked well set-up and professional, not made up. I was unimpressed by the Endurance but just found the Vapor... and i want one. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find that mounting style anywhere on the net or the Trailtech website. Anyone got any info??



Think that was a home made thing never saw something like that?

Its def. custom... I think I saw something similar around here... do a search!

If it hasn't been done commercially, someone should pick up that ball and run all the way to the bank. It is a far superior mounting system that keeps it protected from shock and even moisture(even though it is waterproof). The only draw back I can see is that the ambient temp sensor is I believe within the unit, would suffer an even more poor reading. I don't really care the temp outside anyway, it's either cold, hot , or just right...

I'm gonna have to try and find that guy with the bike, thankfully I have a couple leads as to where he is...

I also tried a search on TT but didn't come up with much with respect to the mounting within the pad. If you know of a thread, dial it up!!!!



It would have been homemade. I set up one mount within the bar pad but ended up going a different route.

I used one of their protector mounts to put the computer in front of the bar pad (but bolted to the triple clamps, then carefully cut slots in the bar pad so it could still be used. I also cut custom spacers for the bolts holding the mount to the triple clamp. Sorry, no pics yet.

Either way is really nice.

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