Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This??

Hi im posting this thread due to the fact that I need help. I own a 2003 WR450F that is 3 MONTHS, and less than 4 Descent rides out of a lower engine rebuild. I have posted a few previous threads trying to work out why my new bike won’t start. After a handful of replies I nutted some things out, and I replaced the coil and the battery. To my astonishment they weren't the problem. I had a friend come around to help me work out the problem. We checked the Ac Magneto and there wasn't any resistance showing, so we had found that the AC Magneto had kicked it in. It wasn't until I removed the left hand Crank Cover that I found my problem. As I was pulling off the cover I noticed bronze dust throughout the oil on the Gasket and I thought to myself this cant be good. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what they think went wrong, I have tried to ask the local Yamaha dealer what he did when they did the rebuild but I was basically treated like I was stupid and so I left. I am guessing that the six or so Allen bolts that hold the Rotor on haven't been tightened properly during the rebuild and have come loose and trashed the bronze coil and the crank case cover. Anyway I have posted this thread to see if anyone has ever had the same problem or have heard of the same problem and what has caused it.


Jack Hillis

Wagga Wagga







That happens when they don`t tighten the 6 bolts correctly with the right lock tight and you should make sure that there aren`t any oil on the threads otherwise the lock tight won`t do its job!



Check out this thread from Rainman, sounds like your exact problem and has some good photo's.

hey thanks rainman's photos are exactly the same as what mine looks like, would it be the fault of the mechanic who did the rebuild?

another question seeing im a newbie how do i post photos that are in a folder on my desktop?

To add photos you need to go register at somwhere like www.photobucket.com which will allow you too add photos to your account and then paste in the URL on the TT hyperlink.

My first thoughts would be to give the mechanic at good :confused: but I guess there could be other factors involved.

Was the woodruff key still solid and in good condition?

Well, since this all had to come apart for the bottom end rebuild, I'd have to say the shop that did the work should be held liable - this would NOT have happened had you not required the rebuild. However, good luck with that!

Since you had the work done by a Yamaha dealer, you might get some assistance from Yamaha of north america so you should contact them and submit your problem to get the ball rolling - the dealer should not get away with giving you the shaft - which they will if they have any sort of out.

If Yamaha backs you, your problem will be resolved either on the dealer's dime or Yamaha's dime.

Get Yamaha on your side, be nice, praise their product up and down , but be forceful and let them know how disappointed you currently are with the service end of things, submit the pics you have to them and state the exact work that was done to your machine - submit photocopies of bills - if you can email everything then great, otherwise send by registered mail so you have a record - this doesn't sound like it's going to be cheap if it's coming out of pocket.

OOps - just noticed you're from Australia - so make that Yamaha of Australia that you should contact!!!

Oh, and if they don't want to help you but push you aside, send them links to the posts on the internet that you have going regarding the issues at hand - first, it'll give them a timeline as to when the problem originally showed up, second, no company like Yamaha wants s lot of bad press, once they see your issues, and the way people are reacting, they will likely help you relatively fast so any bad press gets resolved with a good ending.

The internet is a powerful place, use it to your advantage.

If you don't get Yamaha to help you resolve this, I would lose a lot of confidence in them and likely leave "blue" out of my choices for a future bike, many will agree to that.

hi matt4x4, thanks for the great response, i really respect the fact that you sit down and write a response of that size to help people with their problems, ill get onto the job of sorting this stuff out. i just bought the parts off South Seattle Sports Plaza and i am getting them shipped over here. you are spot on with what you have said and i really appreciate it. i love my bike and im busting to ride it, thanks all members who have replied

Jack From Australia

Jack -

I would definitely contact them and see what they will do for you.

Basically I had the same thing happen the first time. The dealer had my bike in the shop twice when it was new for the whole Woodruff key problem on the rotor. The mechanics took it all apart and fixed the rotor issue, but they did not ever loctite the 6 bolts that hold the starter clutch to the rotor. Eventually if failed miserably and destroyed everything associated with the magneto. When I fixed it myself, I assumed the bolts just failed and did not think about RED loctiting the bolts in since the broken studs came right out after disassembly. I never even thought that the dealer mechanics messed up by not loctiting, so I never called them. I reassembled everything tighly and thought i was ahead of the game by using Blue loctite the second time. Now 14 months later, I fixing the whole thing AGAIN because I used blue loctite and did not thoruoghly clean the threads out before I reassembled.

BE SURE YOU GIVE 100% ATTENTION TO THESE BOLTS !!! Dont be a dork like I was. If you look carefully in the manual, its says to use a loctite agent on the bolts. Clean thouroughly and use RED loctite !!!!

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