will a XR600 clutch lever fit a XR650L?

any one know for sure if will a XR600 clutch lever fit a XR650L?

the the XR600 clutch lever is not the same part # as the one for the "L" according to the local stealership. Called the three shops clostest to me & no one has a clutch lever to the "L":bonk: sorta supprised none of the shops would not stock this

This doesn't mean that it will not fit. I'm running a clutch lever that I originally purchased for my 81 XR500 on my 93 XR600.

Does the 650L have that starter interlock switch built in to the clutch perch? If so then this is why it is different.

take yours down and compare.

Its just the clutch interlock that makes it different, I think.

haven't looked at 2 side by side though.

I know the only diff for the brake lever is the L has an extra bit hanging off to activate the brake lights- this I have seen side by side.


Thanks for the input. The local shops do not have the lever for the XR600 either, but there seems to be lots of after market levers for the XR600 but I am not seeing any for the "L". I have one on order from a local shop, hoping it's here by friday. I'm gonna try some JB weld on the broken one incase the new one is not here friday

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