99 wr400 and 00 wr400 differences or tips

I just bought a 99 wr400 with only 70 miles on it. Perfect condition till I dumped it a few times. I raised the forks, set sag, dialed the clickers, never have fouled plug, pulled the airbox cover and baffle. Love the bike. Then my buddy bought new 00 wr400 and I rode it. It handles way better. Bars feel more forward and comfortable standing up and it has way way more power. What can I do besides buying a 00 or 01? Need low budget stuff not $600 scott stuff.



99 wr400

your friends bike has a smaller tank making it easier to get forward. the handlebars were moved forward for this year & this is why he can move about & it feels better stood up etc.

his bike shouldn't be any quicker than yours. whilst the bike has a better set up this year i don't think that anyone has made a power increase claim.

what about the difference in gearing?

is your slow & UNDERPERFORMING?

look for threads on this site regarding top clamps that have variable bar mounts. try to go to a set of protapers at the same time.

occasionally YZ tanks get sold here & thats what you really need for a local thrash. if you're doing longer distances for the day etc, try to buy an IMS, Clarke or a Ty Davis tank. the Ty sounds like it's the best but the finish is sloppy. the Clarke, which i've got, is beautifully finished. got mine from North County Yamaha for $125.


On YZs the chassis geometry changed a bit from ’99 to ’00, the section of frame behind the steering head was shortened. The bars were also moved forward like Taffy mentioned. I’m not sure but I imagine the WR uses the same frame.

I think Scott’s makes a triple clamp set that (more or less) duplicates the offset of the ’00 that you can try on your ’99.


Most of us cant get even 25% out of the bike we have, but we all love trying.

I have found that if you enjoy tweeking and playing with after market goodies you can make ANY bike a rocket and a blast to ride.

Concentrate on your bike set up. Read all the forums. Ride more with riders like yourself and just have fun with what you have.

Otherwise, go buy a brand new one and you will still spend a lot of money on upgrades and add ons.

Good luck and ride safe!

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