Knee braces, anyone use em??

curious if anyone has used braces by a company called DonJoy?? I need a brace similar to a knee brace for my elbow (long story) and no one makes a rigid brace except for them. I guess the U.S. ski team uses them as well as grant langston. So anyway, do they work, are they as good as they say they are? they gotta be cool if there made of carbon fiber, right?

Later, and thanks in advance,


braces have their pros and cons and the Don Joy company has been around for a long time. one big disadvantage is if something is gonna break its gonna break at the weakest point which could become your shoulder. if you want more info i'll pm you with my phone# as my typing aint so fast!!


theres a few companys making knee braces

ive used a few of em myself

and have now settled on the DonJoy Extreme braces

tuffest most comfortable brace ive seen.

i saw They also got Rave reviews in TBM magazine here in the uk this month

thanks for the input guys. Bez, I am not looking for something that is gonna stop my elbow from braking, just something to take the pressure off of the joint.

Appreciate the help,


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