Time for iroman sprockets

Well im in need of a new chain and sprocket set-up for my 450, but i have a few questions first. Ok i have read alot on the ironman sprockets and i now they are good, however do i have to use the ironman front or will any steel front be fine/last? Also are the ironman sprockets made by msr? i have seen msr "ironman" sprockets. Thanks

MSR sprockets ARE Ironman Sprockets. The same thing in a different package with a lower price tag. They even say Ironman right on them.

Although I ride a CRF, I have never changed out the front sprocket unless I needed to.

MSR may have bought Ironman ....possible.

I was told recently that Ironman has SS front sprockets but I have not confirmed this....here is a link to good prices on them...always buy the entire set chain front and rear....steel front will be fine

Check TT prices and here




More likely they bought marketing rights, as they did with Regina Chains. I think you'll find both still available under their original labels as well.

The good thing about the MSR connection is now you can get Ironman sprockets and Regina chains pretty much anywhere since Tucker Rocky is the distributer.

They are made by Dirt Tricks.

Their front sprockets are nothing special, I wouldn't bother paying the extra dough (compared to other brands) for one.

The rear Ironman's are where its at. I had one on my KTM 300 for 3 years and it still looked great when I got rid of the bike.

The front Ironman sprockets are something special, they're made from die steel which lasts longer than the case hardened sprockets by other manufacturers. Both front and rear Ironman sprockets carry a 1-year wear warranty; wear either out in a year and it is replaced free. I don't know of any other sprocket with that warranty.

Just speaking from my experience. The Ironman fronts I've used didn't last any longer than anybody else's I've used.

i use both, just because i would hate to have the front "regular" sprocket wear prematurely.

Nonetheless, the ironman brand sprockets will definately be one of your "better" purchases. Its definately on the same level is wisdom as my SG-10 boots...another amazing product.

Has anyone used the new Renthal twin ring sprocket?

Running with a worn chain is a certain way to accelerate the wear of any sprocket. Of course, steel rears are less vulnerable to this than aluminum ones or fronts are, but all the same, once the chain has worn past about 1.5% longer than new, it's a sprocket eater. The longer you can keep it from doing that, the longer your gears will last.

Yes, I tried the Renthal Twin Ring on my YZ450F and it had major wear after two rides! I believe it actually wore faster than a regular Renthal aluminum sprocket.

I have purchased Ironman sprockets directly from Dirt Tricks and they did a great job; good selection, fast shipping and they always throw in a new set of sprocket bolts with every purchase.


As long as you use a high quality chain (Regina ORN6 for example) you will get excellent wear out of any steel sprocket. To me it doesn't make sense to pony up the significantly extra $$ for Ironman sprockets.

Cheap out on your chain and it will eat up even an Ironman sprocket.

I have always used the regina orn6 chain with steel sprockets, but haven't used the ironman set up before. I can get a year out of my sprockets now but hopefully with proper cleaning and care this setup will last a couple years:ride:

As long as you use a high quality chain (Regina ORN6 for example) you will get excellent wear out of any steel sprocket. To me it doesn't make sense to pony up the significantly extra $$ for Ironman sprockets.

Cheap out on your chain and it will eat up even an Ironman sprocket.

Whether it's worth it or not depends on how important the advantages are to you. If you want the wear qualities of steel without the usual weight penalty, then Ironman is the way to go. Weight of the sprocket is important to racers and those who ride on the edge because it's unsprung weight, and that has an effect on handling and suspension function that far exceeds the simple gross weight difference. But you pay a premium for almost having your cake and eating it. I say almost because Ironman sprockets are still heavier than aluminum. The Ironman 49 tooth weighs 1.2 pounds, less than half what a JT steel sprocket the same size weighs, but quite a bit more than the .8 pounds that a Tag/AFAM weighs. Since I have run the same Tag sprocket now for two years, and they cost under $60, I'm going to have to call the Tag a better value, overall. Sunstars and Renthals won't wear that well, though.

But if you mostly just ride trails for fun, you may never notice any negative effect from running a budget steel cog. If that's the case, then there's no reason not to.

Grayracer has it right. Steel is exponentially better than aluminum in a wear situation, so any steel sprocket should outlast an aluminum sprocket in an identical situation. Steel sprockets from someone like JT as fantastic for wear but weigh a ton. The cost of the Ironman is in the way it's cut out to reduce the weight so much over that of a low budget steel sprocket. I've run the Ironman myself for several years now and the wear qualities are fantastic and the weight is so close to aluminum that the difference is a non-issue for me.

lets see......any alum sprocket 40-50 bucks

Ironman SS ....75-85

Ironman last 3 - 5 times longer than any alum sprocket......

whos wasting money? :confused:

Weight is just over alum.....

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