GTYR catalog

Where can I get a GTYR catalog that has the manual decompression thumb lever in it. I have tried surfing the net and cannot even find a picture of the product. Any help would be much appreciated. -Cam

yeah, i had looked at that before i put the cam in mine, so i had it book marked. i thought it looked like a good idea, but the no lever looked better.

Cool. Now we're up to $90 for the lever! :confused:

Only $16 more dollars 'til it's as expensive as the '03 cam.

Is the '03 Cam Mod you're talking about only $106 parts and labor? If so than it truly is a no brainer.

Parts only. Installation is a near no brainer.

That settles it. The cam it is. Thanks all.

That settles it. The cam it is. Thanks all.

A wise choice. Buy your cam through TT OEM Parts or to get the kind of pricing I mentioned. Part number is 5TA-12180-00-00. If you have never replaced the cam chain, you should probably plan to do so at the same time. (Use the 426 chain only)

Be sure to visit the Common Threads sticky at the top of the forum index and pull down a copy of the timing instructions. The 450 timing marks don't work like the stock ones. It's not hard, just different. Post if you get stuck.

Just wanted to through out the Hotcam option. It does cost more, but the Hotcam has the same camshaft sprocket pitch that his stock camshaft has. Which isn't the case for the 450 cam.

BTW, I haven't heard of any issues with the 450 exhaust cam, but he should be made aware of the differences.

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