WR Graphics?

OH, I didn't realize there was clear coat applied to the frame!!:confused:

see the second line of my post...

its really hard to get through the clear coat...

ps: now i'm doing the clutch cover and the oil filter cover... didn't need to sand it with 80, the 600 worked fine then went lower.



Where did you get those graphics?


Where did you get those graphics?

Ditto!!! I love those too!

it was in the high 20's. I was SHOCKED when I saw it. Called my buddies over and asked what they did to my bike, they laughed. They were very brittle, cracked and large chunks fell off. :confused: I had only had the bike about 30 days. I even went back to the dealer asking about replacement and got the, those are junk anyway, real bad in cold weather. It is an 2007 WR

Had to be some sort of defect then, I guess.:confused:

Where did you find the graphics for the WR's? I have an 06 and have found only one choice, well two if you count the stock stuff.

You can find some pretty cool graphics for the WR at amrracing.com.:confused:

Ditto!!! I love those too!

x3. Do tell! :confused:

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