what made the 06's so much lighter??

I just got on my old 04 250f and i keep noticed that it FEELS significantly heavier and sloppier than my 07 450f. This is actually a major factor in me going with the "heavier" 450f in 07...it still felt lighter than my ole 250f.

So what exactly is it that happened between 05 and 06 that made these bikes feel like night and day? I know they switched to the aluminum frame....but that really didnt shave that much weight, did it? Was it simply how they reconfigured the weight distribution? Im just trying to make sense of this becasue im always in awe after gettin on my old bike...especially since its only a 250f. :confused:

Lower center of gravity. They only shaved a little bit of the weight off, but they distributed the weight much better.

Exactly. Yamaha uses the term, "centralization of mass" to describe the campaign they went on with the new bikes. Everything that could be moved closer to the center of gravity was moved as close to it as possible. The stuff that had to stay where it was was lightened as much as practical. In truth, only one pound was saved over an '05, but it felt like 30.

If you were to take a barbell with 40 pounds on it and pick it up an try to maneuver it around, it would feel awkward and unwieldy. But if you were to move both weights to the center of the bar, it would feel much easier to move around, even though it weighs the same as it did before. That's essentially what was done with the YZF's.

whats the difference between my 2000 yz426 and a new 450? (actual and what it feels like) I am kind of scared to find out

The dry weight claimed by Yamaha for the 426 was 232 lbs. MXA said that theirs weighed in at almost 250 lbs however. The dry weight of a 2006 YZ450 is 220 lbs, but it feels more like 200 or less. The difference between a newer YZ and the 426 is amazing.

thanks for the clarificaion. Btw, this isnt something i just noticed. I noticed it when i first bought the 450 however i am now so accustomed to teh weight of the 450 that the 250 almost disgusts me.:confused:

I came off a 426 to and 06 YZ450 and it is unreal. No exaggeration whatsoever; I picked up the 06 off the joe hauler and it was so light that I called my wife over to show her that I was holding the bike with both wheels more than 1 foot off the ground. I probably could have walked with it but didn't try. She thinks I am studly now ;-)

I knew i shouldn't have asked that question....now im longing for a new 450

I have an 00 426 and an 06 450. I can hardly stand riding the 426 anymore there is such a huge difference. I only keep the 426 because of the green sticker laws in California.

I knew i shouldn't have asked that question....now im longing for a new 450

Yeah, well, don't ride one, or it will be all over.

I went from an '02 426 to an '06 450 and difference is amazing.

00 YZ 426 to 06 YZ 450 here and couldn't be happier. I loved my 426 to death, but it just can't hold a candle to the new bikes. My riding is 99% woods also.

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