clutch spring nut broke, can I ride -1 spring?

I just had one of my nut's snap off when puttin in some

new springs in my clutch, and pretty deep in the hole so

I was thinking about cutting another nut short to fit it in the few threads still available, otherwise I guess I need to

get a fresh ezout kit and hope it comes out. I really hate

ez-outs and they never seem to work. Can I ride the bike

missing one spring on the clutch? will it wear my clutch plates unevenly? or will it cause a big explosion or something? I really wanted to ride this weekend and I'm thinking it will work fine without the one spring, I usually

never use the clutch much anyway on the track its mostly 3rd gear and leave it.


I set the rest to 6lbs of torque on each nut, not sure why

that one snapped with such little torque but it did and its

my problem... is the 6lbs torqe on a 02 426 correct?

My thoughts would be that you would find that normal operation of the clutch will be fine for the first part, but as the bike warms up it could start to slip.

But that said, if all the other springs are new, then mabey, just mabey you might get away with it for one ride.

Best bet would be to run it till warm and then see how the clutch is holding up. It will be a light clutch for the weekend if it works.

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