Anyone else panic everytime they mount the air filter?

Hi All,

Just wondering if I'm the only person out there that panics whenever I clean my air filter? I usually mount and re-mount and triple check again.

Also, this may be a dumb question, but when I cleaned the air filter for the first time, the dealer had the filter stretched over the pin on the back side of the filter (away from the carb) so that you could see the 1/2 inch round plastic piece when the filter is on the cage. Is this the way it should be done? Or should the filter just slide over the pin without stretching the filter? Sorry no pics.

Also, am I worrying too much about the filter fitting tight or is it something that you can't screw up?



My filter '04 fits over the 1/2"pin, but usually requires rotating it into position. Also, like you, i used to worry about the filter. I still probably use too much oil, and i use alot of rim grease. Sometimes i pull the filter off after immediately installing it, to make sure the rim grease is completely covering the face.

im overprotective too ,i think its normal

The filter on my 06 wasn't "stretched" but the plastic post in the center (where the retaining spring sits) is exposed.

Yes, I sweat the filter mounting also. Take your time and be sure of what you are doing.

I probably put mine on and pull it off two or three times after clean and re-oiling properly. I too check to make sure the sealing rim has complete contact. I personally don't have any desire to work on my motor any more than I normally would have to because of my negligence. Better safe than sorry.

A clean well maintained bike is a happy bike with less problems.....usually. Keep it up, no reason not to:thumbsup:


Just wanted to make sure I'm normal.



Just wanted to make sure I'm normal.


Always remember, normal is a relative term:thumbsup:

Same here - always double check.

On the WR its pretty easy and sits pretty good. Most of the CRF valve problems are due to improper air filter mounting IMHO, and thats also thanks to a more complicated cage mounting.

That plastic ring comes off the filter cage. I have a 2003 WR450. Part #17 on Microfiche. I looked up a 2006 part it's the same. The fit is very tight. When you remove the filter from the air box place filter on workbench and then remove plastic ring, sometimes I have to use a pair of pliers, then remove air filter from cage. I would not stretch the filter over the plastic ring. IMHO

This is good to read. I thought I was a bit paranoid too.

For me the most stressful part of fitting a clean oiled filter is trying to get the dirty filter off while trying not to dislodge some sand particle anywhere which could fall where you don't want it. I always wrag clean the airbox interior first, but it still worries me. The airbox exit at the top is just big enough to get the filter out with maybe a little touch on something. But when it's filthy in there I don't know of any easy way. :confused:

Anyone tried those filter skin things?

It just occurred to me that the WR boys probably don't have this problem - due to side air box access. At least so much. Is this true?

I always worry about getting dirt in the air boot. One thing that calms my fears is having my shop vac at my side. I usually give the air box/air boot a once over before replace the filter. At least I know I've picked up the loose stuff.

I tried the filter skins on my wife's quad and they help keep the main filter clean. However, it's just one more thing you have to worry about fitting right. It wasn't that big of a deal on a quad because there was ample access to the filter. On a dirt bike it might be a little more difficult, but I haven't tried one on my bike.


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