question about oil in frame

Can somebody please tell me the correct directions for how/when to use the oil hole and dipstick on the frame (up near the handlebars).

I have always filled my oil down on my engine and i've never used the dipstick/hole on the frame. Mainly because i never really understood why i should use it.

So yeah, somebody please fill me in here. Thanks.

If you have a steel frame bike that fills at the engine, I'll assume it's an '03-'05. Your bike, like all YZF's, has a "dry sump" lube system. Wet sump systems are far more common, and in a wet sump the oil is stored in the engine crankcase itself. An oil pump picks it up and pumps oil to all the important places, after which it simply drains back down to the bottom again.

In a dry sump, oil is stored separately from the crankcase, in a tank or other remote reservoir. In your case, it's in the frame. An oil pump draws it from there and lubes the engine just as the wet sump does, but when it drains back to the bottom, a second, faster pump picks it up and returns it to the tank, leaving the sump "dry".

When you change oil, you drain it from both the tank in the frame, and the crankcase. Yamaha, rather oddly, has you refill the crankcase with the new oil, but that's not where it will be while it's operating. As soon as it's run for a minute or so, all of the oil that's not actually lubing something at the moment will be in the tank, and if you want to check the oil level, that's where you have to look.

So, to check the oil, you run it for at least 90 seconds and shut it off. Wait about 20 seconds, pull the dip stick, wipe it clean and reinsert it without threading it in to check the level.

Need a manual?

naa, i got a manual. I just figured i would get more information off from here then i would if i took 30 seconds to look it up in the manual.

Guess I was right.

Thanks for the info man, i appreciate it.

i dont know of any year yzf the has oil put in the frame, my 06 had a oil tank in between the frame up behind the front tire, but i didnt fill the frame, just the oil tank where the dip stick goes

All YZFs before 2006 held their oil in the frame instead of having an oil tank.

All YZFs before 2006 held their oil in the frame instead of having an oil tank.
And furthermore, all '02 and prior model YZF's actually had the oil FILL in the frame, where it should be*, rather than the crankcase. The '06 and later YZ450 models have the oil reservoir integrated into the engine, but it is still a separate reservoir, and not a part of the actual crankcase.

*When a dry sump system is filled at the feed oil reservoir (tank, etc.), one need only run the engine once to purge the sump to operating levels, then add oil as needed to bring the level up to snuff. Add a little, check it, add some more. Easy. By contrast, the '03 and later YZF's fill into the sump, which means that if the oil level needs adjustment, the oil must be added, and then the engine run to move the added oil from the sump to the tank before the oil level can be reinspected to see if it was enough.

Also, when the system is refilled after an oil change, the newer bike's source of lube oil, the tank, is empty until the engine has run long enough to return an amount of oil to the tank that is sufficient to support the feed circuit. The '02 and older bikes start up with a full oil tank, and lube almost immediately.

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