So what tires...

i have a d606 on the rear of my xr600 its been great for mostly street riding with a sunday off road run but im looking at other options for tires after riding on the street the 606 started to suck in the dirt i was wondering what you guys thought of the d907, bridgestone trailwing, maxxis m6006, or any others you guys might suggest not really concerned on price but i dont want to spend too much let me know what you guys think i ride mostly hard terrain offroad sometimes soft

i had the the trail wings twice once on a xt225 and they were really good, now i have them on my xr650 and they are ok but the back wore off in 2weeks and the front wants to roll out some times if you dont steer with the back tire on dirt

Alot of people swear by Mefo's. Also kenda K270 alot of people love them and there are people that despise them. I have the K270 and I want to add a 606if that tells ya anything. if always been curious about the M6006


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