how tight do i do up my clutch springs

Hi Guys

finally getting near summer here in australia and time to get by 426 up and running after near killing it last year. (YZ 426 '00)

i am putting together the bottom end. the manual i have says i need to tension the clutch bolts to 10nM. thats extremely light, especially when you consider my torque wrench starts at 30nM.

does this sound right???is there a trick to tensioning the bolts?

i just done them up lightly with a small bit of tension and it feels fine, but thought i would come on here to be sure before i put her back together



and now to really confuse things

i was reading trough some other posts on here and seen people mentioning not to forget the ball bearing that goes on the end of the long shaft that is inside the clutch housing.... ironically i have a ball bearing left over so i though i better go put it in.

just tried that and with it in there, there is no way the clutch would ever engage. it leave quite a gap between the clutch and the pressure plate.

it does clearly show on a parts diagram i seen on here that it should be there but my manual has no mention of it..... i dont know if the ball bearing came from the bike or was just lying around in my garage

here is the link of the diagram.

i just read it again and it mentions the splined washer falling off. when the washer was on there i noticed it did fall back off the spline because the spline wasnt long enough. thought that was strange. what is going wrong

10Nm is correct (That's 7.2 ft/lb. for the rest of us non-metric folks). It's not uncommon for 3/8" or 1/2" drive torque wrenches not to go down that far. You need a flex beam wrench, or a 1/4" drive. But it's not that big a deal. Just threads, mate. Get them tight enough to stay put, and don't strip them.

On the splined washer staying in place, see if you can pull the main shaft toward you a little as the nut does. The shaft may have drifted back toward the other side of the box.

thanks guys

gotta be one of the most informative forums ive been on


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