Removing dried Loctite?

Strange question I know, but anyone know if Loctite can be chemically removed / dissolved?

Easy enough to wire brush it from the bolts but what about the captive bolt holes where wirebrushing won't work?

I'm up for a new starter clutch and gear on my WR450 soon and it seems that a few poor punters have had big drama with the 6 bolts coming loose soon after re-assembly, possibly due to threads not being cleaned properly.

I want to avoid those same problems.


solvent, run a tap in the hole, both, or a dental pick with a 90 degree bend on the end thats short enough to fit in the hole and scrape the old stuff out. then blast with compressed air to force out

Yup, Navy's right, the only way to really get old locktite out is to run a tap down in there. That stuff gets hard as iron.

heating up locktite and it will turn up powdery

You can get the nylon wire brush attachment on a dremel and use that to get most of it off.

If you are going to chase the threads out with a tap make sure it's a good quality one and not some "poison dogfood/toothpaste, lead contaminated" chinese junk tap. That being said I use taps all the time to clean out the old loctite, etc. Works great.

I use a small pointed pick fro those pick sets. Even in bolt holes. A flat bottom tap works well also.

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