2007 Head light wire colors

Which are which? There is a black, yellow, and green.


I don't think the colors/designations have changed any from the older models:

green is supposed to be ground

Black is supposed to be the power coming off the light switch

IMO - to make absolutely Put a voltmeter to it (bike side), turn the switch on and see which way you get positive voltage - not that it matters on incadescent lights anyways

Yellow on the tail lamp is supposed to be the brake light, so for the front light, I think yellow is not used, unless it's the high beam switch (if so equipped).

The wires on the 06 are black, yellow, and blue.

Well, on the pic of the 07 above, it looks green to me, put a voltmeter on it - I'm taking an educated guess here that blue = green

I'd bet yellow is AC power to the headlamp (and runs back to the tail lamp) and green and black are ground, depending on which beam you want to run. And high beam is the default, low beam isnt used unless you add it. This was true for the 04, but it may be different for the newer models, but usually, the wire colors remain the same if they do the same task.

I just rewired mine a month ago :

green is the low beam wire

yellow is the high beam wire

black is the ground wire

I'm 100% sure of this...

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