James Dean please help!

James I am new to the posting thing. I have read several posts on BK mod and jetting. My jetting is the following in my signature, I have no clue what the stock MAJ, PAJ,and Needle Jet numbers are as they are not listed in my manual. I also have the EJP needle. Should I use it or the stock needle. The bike runs well the way it is but I am not sure if I need to change the MAJ,PAJ,and Needle Jet? How much will all these settings change with the BK mode? I live and ride in the Calif. desert 2000 to 4000 feet. Any help would be appreciated.


You have the YZ426 needle, try it. It will change the power delivery and deserves the time spent to see it work.

Leave everything as-is except the needle and main jet. EJP#4 (middle clip) and #165 main.

The increases will be at mid-throttle (1/3-2/3) and you will feel the surge rolling it on.


Thanks JD. I will try the needle and smaller main. Will everything stay the same with the BK mod?

Use the same setting with or without the BK Mod in this case. EJP is a needle that will be a good starting point either way in clip #4.

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