Good luck?

05 wr 450 9k miles

1k mile oil changes

filter every other change

valves checked once

tore her down today valves never moved a .000000001

little skirt wear on the piston

little wear on the wrist pin

needs rings

cyl. has very little wear

is this good luck or normal?

The cylinder having very little wear is a good thing. You could probably just clean it up and reuse it.

Short(er) pistons usually wear fast. The fact that you got 9,000 miles out of one is a testament to yamaha's engine design.

If the valves never moved, they're probably ok to use in the rebuild. Trouble is you won't know how much longer the nitride coating on the valves will last. Once the coating wears out, the valves don't last very long. How do the seats look? Are they beat up or did they spec out ok? How do the cam lobes and lifters look? What about the valve guides?

If everything in the head checks out decent, just throw a new piston, rings, timing chain, and gaskets in her and let er rip :confused:

BTW its not uncommon for the big bore yami motors to go 12K-15K miles

correct everything on the top end is " a ok"

i do run klotz 20-50 full synthetic and i think that helps

new siezeco piston chain guides and chain and next week vrooooom

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