xr650 usd conversion w/stabilizer

any info on a conversion that can be done other than the emig racing triples that will allow for a stabilizer......

I did it with the CRF clamps on my 440 with the dipstick mounted post. I cant imagine it being more difficult than the 440 was.


is the stabilizer for a 450 or a 650?

stabilizers arent made specific for a bike just the mount that you use with it.

ok well if i am running crf forks and triples modified to fit the xr steering stem what mount am i going to need?

This stabilizer was purchased for the 400 but I swapped it to the 650R I had while I was servicing the one on the 650 when I needed that bike for the weekend for a New Mexico trip. I just bought a BRP upper bar clamp with the proper bolt pattern spacing for the damper and the bar clamps to put on Pro Taper bars when I made the switch on the 440. I used 2004 CRF250 triples. If you've got one for your 650R it will probably work the same way as long as it is not the forward mount type.

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