Plug change - tight coil

'05 WR450

Changing my plug for the first time. (I know, I've waited too long) :confused:

So I got the tank off, disconnected the coil, removed the old plug, and got the new plug back in. I can't get the coil back into that hole though.


I'm not a big fan of getting a bigger hammer unless I'm sure that's the right course to take. The hole is tapered though and each taper has another notch for the rubber thingie to catch on. Is the answer just to push harder until it gets clear down to the plug?

Is there any trick to making more clearance up top so I can push it straight down? I moved the clutch cable and gently pushed as many wires & zip ties out of the way (not much though).

What am I missing? :confused:

It will go! Like you said, move the cables back out of the way so it's just the bare frame above the coil. Just work it down, rotating the coil back and forth just a little while pushing down. You could also put a little bit of lube on the outer edge of the lower boot of the coil, this will help it slide down easier as the rubber does grip on the inside while pushing it down.

Its kind of a pain. There isn't any side room to rock the cap tube back and forth, so you just have to apply some force straight down. You'll feel it latch on. Shouldn't need any more force than your hands.

You may want to make sure the top of the new plug looks just like the plug you pulled out.

You may want to make sure the top of the new plug looks just like the plug you pulled out.

I compared the numbers. I didn't really look at the characteristics though.

The plugs is in and the coil is on. Mission complete.


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