Buy the 2008 Big Blue Thumper?-450F

Hey guys I kinow this has been talked about millons of times before....but the article from MXA really sunk my heart. I had my hopes up on buying the Big Blue 2008, then they go ahead and say that crap.

Then you read TWMX opinons and it say great things. MXA was mainly focusing on power.....

I just don't know whether I should buy an 06 for the power....the 07 just because it an 07 or the 08 because of the handling. I am going to be racing.

I've said this before.. MXA should be slapped for their test of the 08.

I got one last week, put my 07 FMF powercore exhaust on it and its great! Same low end as my 07 with the powercore and more mid and top.This engine is fast! Suspension is better than my 07 and the handling is better than my 07 also. Buy one, throw away the stock exhaust, cancel your sub to MXA!

my 08 is faster on pavement than my 06:p

Don't even hesitate to buy the 08. I have both an 06 and 08 and all you need to do is scrap the 08 pipe. I actually used the stock 08 headpipe with a stock 06 silencer and that made a huge difference on the 08. It's amazing what just changing the pipe does. This weekend i will be trying a Pro Circuit Ti-4 full system on the 08 so I'll let ya know how it performs.

i have the 08 with no complaints. its a 450 so there is no lack of power for racing. and for what power it doesnt have it makes it up in the corners. if u go up a tooth or two on the rear you'll be set!! :confused:

ya it sounds like you guys love it. Im definatly getting it next week. Ill let everyone know...what my personal review will be.....haha.

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